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All of Red Pine Community is a NO SMOKING campus. All types of smoking is prohibited in all units and recreational areas. 


The Association cannot be liable for accidents or drowning at the pool.  Strict safety and health rules must be obeyed at all times.  No guest’s music, food or behavior shall interfere with anyone’s enjoyment of the pool area.

1.  Clubhouse passes must be presented and guest sign in upon entering  the facility.  Guests limited per unit size as follows:

          1B/1B 4 people

          2B/2B 8 people                          click here for Chalet Occupancy Rule

          Townhouse 10 people               click here for Townhouse Occupancy Rule

          Owners and tenants must accompany their guests when using the facility. Any owner, resident or guest exceeding these limits will be  denied access to the facility.

2.  All children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult  (over 18) at all times.

3.  No one under 6 years is permitted in the hot tub room. 

4.  No alcohol in pool area. No alcohol or food in hot tub or sauna area.

5.  No one under 16 allowed in sauna without an adult.

6.  No glass containers allowed in clubhouse or pool areas.

7.  No running or dangerous play. Climbing or jumping off the water fall  will result in loss of pool privileges.

8.  Proper swim attire must be worn.

9.  Children under two years must wear rubber pants and swim diaper in pool.

10.  Adults are to accompany children to restrooms.

11.  No smoking in any pool area or clubhouse grounds.

12.  Summer hours 10:00 a.m. to 10:00pm., Winter hours 12:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

                                No Lifeguard on Duty!!

New Tennis Courts.jpg


1.   Proper footwear is required, no street shoes, flip flops or black soled  shoes that are not made for tennis. Failure to observe will result in  fines and/or loss of privileges.

2.  Tennis courts are for tennis only, no other activities are permitted.

3.   No glass or food is allowed on the courts.

4.   When players are waiting, play is limited to one hour.

5.   Tennis attire is recommended.

6.    Please observe all tennis etiquette.

7.    No smoking on or near the courts.

A combination lock on the upper south gate is available for early birds and off season entry.  Please make sure the gate is locked while you play and when you are finished. The combination changes periodically; please call 435-645-8300 for the combination.  During the summer, a pass and check in at the front desk is required.


Party Room – Clubhouse Reservations

1.   A refundable cleaning and damage deposit is required and must be paid at the time the booking is made along with the fee for the room.   
          Owners: Monday – Thursday $50; Friday – Sunday $100

          Residents: Monday – Thursday $100; Friday – Sunday $150

          (Owners must be present with guests if an owner rate is given) Hours the party room is available are the same as the clubhouse hours of operation.

2.   All furniture must be returned to original location.  The room and all appliances must be cleaned for a deposit refund.

3.   Application can be made through on site management in-person or by calling 435- 645-8300. Or, click here for a reservation form.

4.   No amplified music of any kind.

5.   Maximum occupancy for the party room is 35.  Failure to observe this guideline will result in a loss of deposit and ability to book the room in the future.

6.  Lessees are responsible for enforcing the house rules and the actions of their guests.

7.   Nothing shall be hung on any clubhouse railing.

8.   No smoking in any pool or clubhouse area.

Failure to adhere to rules will result in the loss of security deposit.



No pets of any kind are allowed in the Red Pine Community.
Any owner, tenant or guest violating pet regulations will be assessed an immediate $100 fine for each offense.  These fines will be added to the monthly maintenance fee and will continue until the Board is assured that the animal(s) is no longer on the premises. Any unleashed dogs will be immediately turned over to animal control without notice. 

Assistive Living Animal

Click Here for more information on Assistive Living AnimalClick Here for Required Service Animal Registration & Identification Form
Click Here for a checklist of all required Service Animal paperwork


1.   Two permanent vehicles per unit are allowed.

2.   Storage of vehicles is prohibited. All vehicles must be operable and  have current license and registration.  All vehicles must be moved every 24 hours during the winter so parking lots can be plowed. For maintenance and sweeping of parking lots, vehicles must be moved at  least every 48 hours during the rest of the year.

3.   No recreational vehicles such as trailers, motor homes, large trucks, campers and boats shall be kept or maintained in parking lots driveways or roadways. Violators are subject to towing and/or fines.

4.   Any leakage of oil from any vehicle shall be the responsibility of the owner to clean up and are subject to fines.  No automotive repairs of any kind to be done on Red Pine property.

5.   Illegally parked vehicles infringing on official or assigned resident  parking are subject to immediate towing. Illegally parked vehicles that block sidewalks, trash dumpsters, or driveways or are in any way restricting access by emergency vehicles are subject to immediate towing and fines. No vehicles are allowed on any landscape areas and are subject to immediate fines.

6.   Any abandoned or inoperable unlicensed vehicle is subject to immediate towing and fees.

1.   Household trash and refuse is to be deposited inside the large trash  bins, any person observed placing trash in any other area will be  fined. Please be courteous and place all trash inside the dumpsters. If dumpster is full, do not place garbage in or around dumpster area;  please utilize other dumpsters on site.

2.   Fire place ashes are to be placed in the ash cans by the dumpsters.

3.   No furniture is allowed in or around the dumpsters. Violators will be fined.

4.    Absolutely no construction waste in dumpsters. Please inform your contractor all left over materials must be hauled off the premises.  The landfill will not take any type of building/remodeling materials. Owners will pay for dumpster to be hauled to appointed landfill if this  occurs.



1.  Patios, decks, balconies and carports are a “limited common element”.  The Association has the right to limit what can be done with these areas. No storage of any kind is allowed.

2.  Nothing shall be attached to the exterior of the buildings including thermometers, birdfeeders, chimes, banners, signs, or satellites.

3.  The only items allowed on decks, patios and balconies are out door  patio furniture, propane barbecues in the farthest corner from the building (all charcoal barbecues or similar  charcoal devices will be removed without notice for insurance  purposes), cut fire wood (neatly stacked), bikes. All items must be kept in a neat and orderly fashion.

4.   No clothing, towels rugs, shades, signs or awnings shall be on any  exposed are of the patios, decks or carports. Any inside blinds, drapes, or other window coverings must show as beige or white  from the outside. No gas line or vent of any kind shall be attached to the outside of any building without prior written management approval. Any improvement done without management approval will  be removed at owner’s expense.

5.   No loud noise or music that disturbs the “quiet enjoyment” of  residents at any time. Quiet hours are strictly enforced after 10:00 pm.

6.   No trash is to be left any where on the exterior of the units; garbage bags included.

7.   Any items including bikes, toys, tools etc. left on any sidewalks, lawn, parking lot or other common areas will be disposed of without notice.

8. No smoking on decks or within 25 feet.

Chalet Festive Lights - Click here for Resolution

Please see insurance page.

4. November 2020 construction noise rule: Chalet Second Level Flooring Requirermentsclick here to view

Chalet Low-Flow Toilets

All Chalet units shall have low-flow toilets installed at all locations within their respective units. This rule will be enforced by fines beginning July 2, 2018.

(No wipes or diapers or non-disintegration items are to be flushed. Please throw such items in the refuse.)

Click here for more information.


If an owner opts to rent a Townhouse unit long-term (30 days or more) there is a 6 people and 2 vehicle maximum


Occupancy guidelines for long-term rentals are based on the International Occupancy Code. For one bedrooms the maximum number of people for 30 days or greater is 2. For loft units, the maximum people for rentals 30 days or greater is 4. All long term leases (30 days or greater) are required to be on file with the management company.


The Canyon Townhouses has adopted Section 1103.8 of the International Fire Code which requires that single or multiple station smoke detectors be installed in all residential properties regardless of the use, type, or size.  This means:  

1.Smoke detectors are required in every sleeping room and outside of every sleeping area (usually a hallway) as well as at least one on every level of the building.

2.Carbon monoxide detectors are required on every level of the building and within every sleeping area that has a fuel fired appliance.

3.There is no limitation that does not allow for combo units that provide both carbon monoxide and smoke detection.  

If any updates are made to the International Fire Code regarding this rule, the Canyon Townhouses intend to adopt the changes into rules and regulations.

It is also required to have an appropriate size fire extinguisher on each level.