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Dryers at Red Pine must be vent-less, self-condensing to meet the county provision because they do not cause mold. The dryer must be electric as well. The LG and Bosch units are small compact units. The Whirlpool is a full size unit. All of these units are stackable and are 240 volt dryers.   Asko no longer makes a vent-less dryer. The below are approved dryers for Red Pine Condominium Chalet units.

Whirlpool now makes a full size vent-less electric dryer with heat pump technology as part of the Energy Star series that is an approved unit as well.




Washing Machine Information

All washing machines must have a "high efficiency" designation. High efficiency means lower water usage. GE, Whirlpool, Bosch and Asko make the compact high efficiency front loading washers as well.

Click here for Chalet rule information.

 Heber Appliance can help you with your washer and dryer needs.

Derrick Hendrickson


Office: 435-654-4623 x 107

Direct line: 435-315-3306


Chalet Low-Flow Toilets

All Chalet units shall have low-flow toilets installed at all locations within their respective units. This rule will be enforced by fines beginning July 2, 2018.

(No wipes or diapers or non-disintegration items are to be flushed. Please throw such items in the refuse.)

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Townhouse Approved A/C Information
The following is a list of approved A/C units for Canyon Townhouse units ONLY:

*  Mitsubishi - outdoor multi-zone mxz3b30na (30,000 BTU)

*  Mitsubishi - indoor wall mount mszge09na (9,000 BTU)

*  Mitsubishi - indoor wall mount mszge18na (18,000 BTU)

*  Mitsubishi - indoor duct unit sezkd18na4 (18,000 BTU)

*  Mitsubishi - indoor duct unit sezkd12na4 (12,000 BTU)

*  Daikin - outdoor multi-zone 3mxs24ju (24,000 BTU)

*  Daikin - indoor wall mount ctxs09hvju (9,000 BTU)

*  Daikin - indoor wall mount ftxs18lvju (18,000 BTU)


A primed smooth steel Gen World exterior door can be ordered from Home Depot. For further assistance with this, please contact Paul Heywood at 435-714-8412.