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Red Pine Community Association

Red Pine Chalets

In the Red Pine Chalets, there are four phases: phase one consisting of buildings A thru J, phase two consisting of buildings O thru T, phase three consisting of buildings U thru Z and phase four consisting of buildings K and L.

According to the Red Pine Community Association CC&R's, one bedroom units will have a 1/40 interest in the common areas and will bear 1/40 of the common area expenses. Additionally, two-bedroom units will have a 1/60 interest in the common areas and will bear a 1/60 of the common area expenses.

Ray Linder H-6, H-8 (Phase I) At Large Representative
801-651-0727 (C)

Terry Lange H-2 (Phase l) President
651-231-0052 (C)

Sonia Allison Y8 (Phase III)
435-513-0644 (C)

Jeff Spinelli-Faris R1 (Phase II)

Timothy Bradley K5 (Phase IV)

Canyon Townhomes Association

Phase five consists of 60 townhomes and are known as The Canyon Townhomes.

Andy Nyberg                      rpthhoaboardpres@gmail.com    

Don Lodes                                pel24@cox.net

Darrell Back                           darrell@mtcutah.com           

Keith Bloom                              tishkb@comcast.net President

Robert Thompson                     parkcityrobert@gmail.com