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1. Recently adopted insurance regulations in Utah imposed by SB 167 require the master insuranace policy of the Association to be the primary source of recovery for covered property claims when the damage exceeds the deductible contained on the master insurance policy -- regardless of the cause of loss.  The insurance coverage of a unit owner is the primary source of recovery for covered claims with damage that is less than or equal to all or a proportionate share of the master policy deductible.

2. All unit owners shall purchase a unit owners policy or its equivalent including Coverage A Dwelling/Building or similar coverage to pay for claims that are less than or equal to the master policy deductible.

3. If a unit owner fails to maintain insurance, unit owner will still be responsible for the associated costs of repair and/or diductible expense incurred by the loss.

4. The Management Committee shall have the right to adjust claims intended to be filed on the Association's master insurance policy by unti owners. The right to adjust claims includes but is not limited to the right to reasonably refuse to submit a unit owner or resident's claim to the Association's insurance carrier, particularly when the damage incurred is less than the Association's master policy deductible.

Please see the letter below and  other options for more specific information.

Sentry West Letter

Please contact eoi@sentrywest.com for evidence of insurance.